13 Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

What is CBD oil?


So what is actually CBD oil is? CBD is an abbreviation of cannabidiol but CBD is a world-known and commonly used. In a history of human mankind, cannabidiol was mentioned to be used even by Chinese emperors throughout the years. This fact was imprinted in special tracts. Those times cannabis plant was used in a tea to give pain relief from different diseases as rheumatism, memory problems, gut health, etc. There’s another interesting scientific fact that Queen Victoria was also an admirer of CBD usage while her governance back in 1901. 

Cannabis in all cultures was always used as medical treatment from various health issues. Despite this fact, it is still aren’t appraised by many of today's modern cultures and governments, as well as medical communities. Mostly, because it doesn’t have this much scientific approval for its worth and positive effect in some cases.

Back in 1839 one famous Irish physicist did his medical research about the effects of various plants, cannabis was one of them. He has scientifically proven medical and therapeutic effects of a CBD. The main effect of cannabis was anesthetic one. However, one of the main components of cannabis CBD was discovered almost a hundred years later by isolation experiments.  

Nowadays, CBD oil is made by the process of extraction from the cannabis plant itself and mixing it with such types of oil like coconut and hemp seed oil. Despite various fears, CBD is not a psychoactive component and doesn’t have those effects of euphoria. Despite this fact, it is always mistaken with marijuana which is no good for its common reputation. Mostly, CBD will be efficient for those who are looking for pain relief from various negative symptoms and diseases. It is a good helper in terms of chronic pain and anxiety which are very common among today's society.


So what are CBD oil effects and what are the benefits of its usage?


The first and indisputable benefit of CBD oil is its pain relief effect. It is known since the 2900 B.C. Another effect is the reducing of anxiety and depression which are, unfortunately, very popular among today culture. These diseases may negatively influence common health and the overall state of people all over the world. These health issues are commonly treated with many synthetic drugs and antidepressants which may lead to dozens of negative and harmful side-effects as migraines, loss of stool, sexual and mental disorders, etc. Also, many such components might be addictive. CBD oil has shown a very positive dynamic in a treatment of anxiety and depression which gives a chance to trust it. There were various researches and clinical trials that have proven the efficacy of the CBD.

CBD hemp oil can help with reducing symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment. These effects include but not limited to nausea, vomiting, and pain. However, some clinical trials with a group of people have shown no positive effects at all. Some researches on animal have shown that it may have even anti-cancer effect. On the other hand, there is no proof that it will be useful for people.

Another positive influence is the reducing of acne. Acne is a type of skin infection that affects more than 9% of the population worldwide. It is caused by inflammation that is hidden in skin, bacterias and, surely, genetics. CBD oil may treat the acne and its side effects with its anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD oil is famous for its neuroprotective abilities which may be helpful in case of many neurological diseases like epilepsy and sclerosis. However, there is not enough information yet in this field. On the other hand, many clinical studies have already shown a positive dynamic. In the case of multiple sclerosis, it may reduce the amount and percentage of spasms. However, in this case, might be some negative side effects as diarrhea, convulsions an others.

Cannabidiol can also positively affect a heart system and lower high blood pressure. This effect might be achieved with its antioxidant and abilities to reduce stress. Along with all of the high-listed CBD may help in many cases, like mental disorders as schizophrenia, prevention of diabetes, etc. 

To sum up, we must say that despite various advantages CBD might have certain side effects as diarrhea, fatigue and appetite changes. 


Is cannabidiol legal?


The legal status of the CBD is constantly changing. Many US states have this cure restricted because of CBD being mistaken for marijuana and its psychotropic effect. Generally, the federal government still considers it in the same class as marijuana. Many people, however, buying this medicine online without a special cannabis medical license. There are many disagreements between different governmental parties and society. Generally, the opinion of the government about CBD depends on whether it comes from hemp or marijuana. Congress constantly discusses the topic of making a hemp legal and therefore give access to CBD without any prohibition.

To sum up, we can observe some positive changes and here is a sign of it. In 2018 famous Food and Drug Administration has made approval of the first drug officially known to contain CBD. It was made specifically to treat some negative childhood syndromes. On a general federal level, CBD status is very clear but, unfortunately, on a state level, there might be still some misunderstandings.


What is CBD oil good for?


CBD oil for depression 


Unfortunately, depression and various mental disorders are the negative trends of today's society. It negatively influences personal health, the possibility to work and communicate with others. Mostly, doctors around the globe prescribe synthetic drugs that may be very harmful to your health and be the reason for various side effects. Various clinical trials on CBD influence have figured out that it positively affects serotonin receptors in a human brain. Serotonin has an indisputable influence on various human functions as an emotional and overall state, and happiness as well.  When there is a disbalance everything goes wrong.


CBD for anxiety 


Also, CBD might be useful for some mental disorders like anxiety and panic disorders. There is a statistic that panic attacks (literally, yes) more than 5% of the human population worldwide which is terrible. Clinical trials have shown that 300 mg of CBD has decreased the level of anxiety which is a very good sign. However, in some cases, it might show some side effects for people that have a high level of sensibility. It may cause diarrhea, weight changes, and fatigue. In the case of interaction with some medicines, it can also increase a liver toxicity level.


CBD oil for arthritis


CBD oil is known to reduce arthritis pain. Key arthritis symptoms include such symptoms as decreasing in joints movement, pain, and stiffness. They also might include anxiety and depression. Some of the medical drugs might significantly ease those symptoms but most of the consumers looking for more natural ways to solve their problems. Therefore, many of them pay attention to CBD. One of the main CBD oil advantages is its positive effect on a decrease in arthritis pain. Also, it may relieve many of other chronic pains. It might be helpful in case of sclerosis and even cancer.


CBD oil for migraines


CBD oil is known to reduce the migraine and might be a good treatment. It can be useful for some types of headaches. However, there are not enough proofs of migraines treatment. However, if other drugs haven’t worked yet cannabidiol might be considered as well. Surely, the usage of it might be discussed with your personal doctor or pharmacist. History of cannabis headaches treatment is more than thousands of years. CBD oil might work similarly as with inflammation and arthritis treatment.


CBD oil for back pain


Many clinical trials on back pain relief have shown really wonderful results. It can be very helpful in case of chronic pain and other negative painful symptoms. CBD oil gets into interaction with brain receptors and the immune system. In the end, this creates those effects of pain treatment. However, in some cases, it might have some side effects as, nausea, issues with sleeping. There also might be withdrawal symptoms in case of canceling it but they are, however, rare than often. 



CBD oil for cancer


CBD oil might be useful in many cases. It might stimulate appetite in the case of cancer treatment. Many people lose appetite while chemotherapy and Cannabidiol might help them to gain weight and keep it balanced. This treatment gives positive results in terms of pain relief. The results of chemotherapy might be nausea and vomiting, CBD might be helpful in these cases. Another option of using a CBD is the prevention of cancer. To sum up we must say that there are not enough clinical trials that could give a hundred percent proof of its efficacy. However, some trials in the year 2016 have shown some positive dynamics.


CBD oil for pets

There are not enough clinical researches that can show how this cure affects pets. Generally, it is known to interact with receptors that are part of the endocannabinoid nervous system. They influence the balance in the body. Despite the lack of proofs some of the dog owners say that it can treat pain and other negative effects. However, CBD might cause some side effects in theory. It can lower blood pressure in the case of high doses. Also, it can be the reason for drowsiness. Especially, on higher doses. Also, the risks of CBD oil while being used on pets haven’t been discovered yet.


CBD oil for inflammation

Many clinical types of research have shown the efficacy of CBD oil for reducing inflammation. It can be helpful also for those who suffer from various types of chronic pain. CBD is known to be very effective in dealing with various types of pain and aches. It is also very helpful in cases of obesity and its side effects. Many kinds of research still continue. In case other drugs were not effective and even harmful CBD is worth to be considered.


CBD oil for sleep


This wonderful treatment might be used to treat those with insomnia. Moreover, it helps to reduce the level of anxiety. It helps to regulate the hormone of stress which can positively or negatively regulate cycles of sleep. Also, it helps to relax muscles in the case of movement disorders. Also, it can affect women during pregnancy which can have restful sleep because of the hormones disbalance. It can affect the post-traumatic syndrome. The best way to know how to use it is to try what’s better for you.


CBD oil for ADHD


Unfortunately, there are few clinical trials that can show you how it affects patients with ADHD. However, some of the users say that it helps them to deal with such symptoms as hyperactivity and restlessness. There were clinical researches held in 2017 that have admitted some positive moments in a brain functioning activity. 


CBD oil for seizures


Unfortunately, there is no evidence of how CBD might affect the seizures on epilepsy. Taking into account researches made on animals, there were small effects. People have used cannabis for thousands of years to treat seizures.


CBD oil for diabetes


CBD oil helps to reduce inflammation and improve blood glucose control. In 2015 some studies have shown that  CBD has some positive effect on reducing inflammation in rats. It activates certain receptors in the body, that’s the way it works. These include serotonin, vanilloid, and adenosine. Mostly, it known to be safe and not having side effects. However, it is important to get a consultancy with your personal doctor.


CBD oil for autism

CBD oil shows a positive influence in terms of treating autism. It reduces nausea and vomiting. It helps to control the seizures and has other positive psychotropics abilities. Moreover, it helps to control inflammation. It gives patients relief from depression and anxiety symptoms. It affects the human endocannabinoid system influence on important hormones. To sum up, CBD might be one of the best choices for treatment for autism. However, it is always important to get a consultancy with your personal pharmacist or doctor to get the best result and avoid side effects.